Please note: we do not currently dropship outside of the UK.

To place a dropship order all you need to do is process the order via our website, making sure that you leave the billing address as your own and change the shipping address to your customer’s address. We will then ship directly to your customer, placing your address on the return label. 

We do not include any paper work with the items, so it will appear as though the package has been dispatched directly from your business. Please note that we do not offer a service whereby we print off your own dispatch notes etc to place inside the package. This is due to the nature of our business model, and also for environmental reasons (we don’t even include dispatch notes in our own customer’s parcels).

There is no minimum order requirement and no additional dropship service charge.

Please ensure that any return instructions (e.g. Return Address) for your customers are clearly stated in your own Terms and Conditions on your selling platform. Should we receive a return from your customer in error, there will be a charge to ship this onto you.